The next Big Library Read title is.....

Wed, 09/28/2016 - 2:37pm

The next Big Library Read will be kicking off October 13, and the YA title chosen in our survey by readers, librarians and teachers is This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp. Told from four perspectives over the course of 54 harrowing minutes, the students of a fictional high school (Opportunity High) struggle to both survive and understand why one boy started shooting at 10:00 am. This is Where it Ends is a #1 New York Times bestseller, a Publishers Weekly Bestseller, a Barnes and Noble Top Pick and an ABC Best Book for young readers.

In This is Where it Ends, which easily won the popular vote of thousands of readers and librarians, Marieke provides a unique look into what it’s like to experience a school shooting through the eyes of students who are living through it in real time. Though a work of fiction, this powerful story is more poignant today than ever as a gun is fired on a school campus nearly once a week in the United States alone. The subject of school violence, though difficult at times, is one that students and parents alike need to be aware of in today’s society. This is Where it Ends confronts this subject realistically but without graphic depictions of the violence the students experience.

The Big Library Read program was created as a global reading experience, providing a platform for readers around the world to connect and discuss important topics. Reading and discussing This is Where it Ends creates a perfect opportunity for your parents, teachers, students and readers of all ages to approach a difficult subject.

In addition to providing a discussion board, we’ll also have a second podcast episode with the author, where she will provide her thoughts on writing This is Where it Ends, violence in schools, the importance of diversity in literature and much more.

OverDrive direct borrow for the all-new Kobo eReader

Thu, 09/22/2016 - 10:05am

OverDrive is excited to announce that your readers now have another way to access library eBooks with a direct borrow option from the all-new Kobo eReader.

Kobo has released their highly-anticipated new electronic paper device, the Kobo Aura One, which enables users to borrow eBooks directly from their local library, in addition to purchasing through the Kobo store. Using OverDrive’s highly-rated APIs, Kobo has connected to library catalogs to provide a direct borrow and place a hold option for library eBooks.

After purchasing the new device, a user can opt-in to use their device with their OverDrive library and sign-in using an OverDrive account and their library card. A user will then be directed to the enhanced Kobo catalog to buy or borrow/place a hold on titles available through their local library. Upon borrowing, the title will be automatically synced and downloaded to the user’s device, and will expire at the end of the lending period.

Find more details about the new Kobo eReader’s borrowing experience in our Help article.

Discover the original stories that inspired FOX's hit show Gotham

Thu, 09/22/2016 - 10:01am

Go back to the beginning as rising Detective Jim Gordon navigates the seedy underbelly of Gotham with these bestselling graphic novels.

Be COOL! Get a library card.

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 9:00am

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Manga titles are entertaining and educational

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 8:54am

Who knew? Manga titles are not just for entertainment reading. They can be great for children and teen education purposes as well. Manga titles often include wisdom and knowledge while maintaining the characteristics of being fun, easy to understand and something readers can relate to and enjoy. That’s why manga can not only entertain a reader, but also teach them various information and mindsets while touching on new thematic elements. Manga can welcome a reader to a completely new world, and help guide their growth.


In 2015, the Nippon Foundation launched project “Manga Edutainmment”. In this project, 100 outstanding mangas that can be read for fun and education were chosen, and these are distributed not only within Japan, but to overseas readers as well. These 100 titles include 11 genres such as literature, history, science etc. The Nippon Foundation aims to make society better through “Edutainment” of manga.

In OverDrive’s catalog there are Kodansha Advanced Media (KAM) manga titles that have been chosen by Manga Edutainmment. Browse these titles, as well as these addtional manga titles.


Create Reading Happiness

Tue, 09/06/2016 - 8:02am

September is known around the literary world as Library Card Sign Up Month, a time to boost awareness of all the goodness your library has to offer. Sometimes it’s as simple as reminding families in the community what you have to offer.

As of 2010, libraries in the United States offered more than 2.3 million children’s programs, which account for nearly two thirds of all library programming. 

In alignment with Library Card Sign Up Month, OverDrive is celebrating the 3rd annual Read an eBook Day on September 16, spreading the love for the convenience and ease of use of digital content available from the library. Let's spread the #eBookLove all year long.

written by Adam Sockel, Social Media Specialist for OverDrive

Be in the know 4 new eBooks

Wed, 08/31/2016 - 10:29am

Meet our newest online service, e-Bookalerts that notifies you of amazing eBooks matching your interest.

As a subscriber, you get daily and weekly updates, and direct links to the OverDrive collection with a link to place a hold.

As soon as that eBook “hits the e-shelf” you’ll know about it.


Here’s your chance to explore before we introduce this service to our patrons.

Start your exploration!

NOTE: This is limited to the eBooks in OverDrive

  • You will need to log into the library's online catalog.
  • You may be directed to the place a hold page, so place a hold. 
  • When the eBook is available, you’ll receive an email to checkout/borrow (depending upon your OverDrive settings).

Bluetooth and Mango Languages

Wed, 08/17/2016 - 12:36pm

Introducing the new auto play feature: Bluetooth controls!

Now there are even more ways for you to learn a new language, or brush up on a new language with Mango Languages. The auto play feature on mobile works with Bluetooth controls to play, pause, or skip Mango lessons, just like music tracks.

Watch this video to see how.

Calcasieu Libraries Announce New Library Director

Tue, 08/16/2016 - 7:47am

The Calcasieu Parish Public Library is pleased to announce that Marjorie Harrison has been named Library Director.

Harrison comes to Calcasieu Parish from Salem, Oregon where she managed services to state government at the Oregon State Library and has also worked for over 25 years in public, state, and special libraries in various capacities.  Prior to her tenure at the Oregon State Library, she was the Library Director of the San Juan Island Library in Friday Harbor, WA.

As an English and Sociology major at the University of Detroit, Harrison was fascinated by the many research resources available at the library.

 “I had originally planned to pursue a career in social services, but my career and life path quickly changed after taking a job at a small urban library,” she says.  “I enrolled in the School of Library Science at Wayne State University in Detroit, and graduated with an MSLS a couple years later.”

 “I believe that at the heart of every great community there is a library,” Harrison continued.  “Libraries, no matter what the type, connect people to community resources, information, and services. This is one of the things I value most about libraries; community connections.”

Harrison began her start as Calcasieu Library director on August 1.

“We are very excited to have Mrs. Harrison here with us,” said Christy Comeaux, Public Information Officer for the library.  “She has a very community centered approach to directing and we are eager to work with her.  I know our communities will be thrilled to have her on board.”

When she’s not working or hanging out in libraries, Marjorie enjoys spending time with her family; 12-year old son, Graham, and husband, Conrad. 

“We like all kinds of artsy things like music, theater, and going to the movies. Graham is a sports fanatic and we’ve learned to enjoy watching football, basketball, and other sporting events. We all love to swim. I like to hang out with our two dogs, Trixie & Kevin, and go walking in the park and down hiking trails. Since I’m not the greatest cook, we like to go out to eat a lot and try different restaurants.”

Book Readers Live Longer Lives

Fri, 08/05/2016 - 10:29am

What are the keys to longevity? If you ask Dan Buettner, the author of The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longesthe’d list nine key factors. They range from slow down and don’t stress out, to have a clear purpose in life, to eat mainly plant based foods and put family first. Nowhere on his list, however, does he suggest sitting down and reading good books.

And yet a new study by researchers at Yale University’s School of Public Health indicates that people who read books (but not so much magazines and newspapers) live two years longer, on average, than those who don’t read at all.

Becca R. Levy, a professor of epidemiology at Yale, is quoted in The New York Times as saying, “People who report as little as a half-hour a day of book reading had a significant survival advantage over those who did not read.” “And the survival advantage remained after adjusting for wealth, education, cognitive ability and many other variables.” Precisely how book reading contributes to increased longevity is not spelled out. You can read the abstract for the new study here.

written by Dan Colman for Open Culture: The best free cultural & educational media on the web

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