All About the Library Card

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Ways to Get a Library Card

Cards are FREE to anyone who lives, works, owns property, or attends school in Calcasieu Parish. 

Visit your local library branch or if 18+ years, apply online.

  • 18+ years: Visit a local Library branch to complete a registration card, or apply onlinePresent proof of a Photo I.D. and address. Proof of address includes a driver's license, checkbook, or received mail.
  • Under 18: The registration card must be completed by the applicant, and signed by their parent or legal guardian with proof of a Photo I.D. and proof of address.
  • Can be used at any library branch and it's valid for 1 year.
  • To renew your card, visit or contact your local Library branch.
  • Report your lost library card immediately to any Library branch.
  • There is a $.50 fee to replace a lost card.

We honor Library Southwest cards from the following parishes: Allen, Beauregard, Cameron, Jeff Davis, and Vernon. LSW cards are issued at your home parish. Here's more information on the Libraries Southwest Borrowing Service



Check-out and Renewing of Materials

How to Check Out an Item

  • Present your library card with items at the circulation desk/front desk or use the self check machines located at the Central Library
  • Library items checkout for 2 weeks.
    • Exception: DVD/Blu-Ray checkout is 1 week.
  • Borrowing privileges will be suspended until long overdue items are paid for or returned to the library.


How many items may I check out?

Library card limits:

Book (50)
Book&CD (10)
BookonCD (10)
Cake Pans (3)
CD (10)
CD-Rom (10)


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Dolls (1)
Download (10)
DVD (10) & Blu-Ray (3) 
Games (3)
iPad (1)

Laptop (1)
Magazine (20)
Paperback (50)
Playaway audio (10)
Playaway launchpad (3) 
Playaway video (3)

Items with holds
State Laws on confidentiality prohibit the library from allowing anyone but yourself from picking up items that you have on hold, unless the library has your permission, on record in the computer system, for others to pick up your items. 

Please check with a staff member for assistance.

The Library has an automated system that will contact the patron about available holds.

If we have an email address on file, an email will be sent notifiying the patron about the available hold.


Renewing Items

Library items can be renewed twice, if no one has placed a hold on the items.

  • Visit/call any Library branch; please have the items along with your library card handy.
  • Download the Mobile App to access your account.
  • Call the 24/7 self-service number at (337) 437-4153 or 1-800-240-0212
  • Access the online catalog to view MY ACCOUNT.

With an email address on file, we can notify you 3 days prior to the item(s) being overdue. 


Returning Items
Return items to any Calcasieu Parish Library branch, no matter where the items were originally checked out.
Drop the items at the designated return areas. If after hours, use one of our drop boxes.

Email address benefits

What are the benefits for giving the library your email address?

  • Receive alerts when your hold is available for pickup.
  • Receive alerts that checked out items will be overdue in 3 days.
  • Receive alerts when items are overdue as well as bill notices.

Visit or contact your local Library branch or complete this form to give us your email address.


Fees and Fines

Fees for overdue material: 25 cents per item per day

  • There is a 1-day grace period when returned on the grace day.
  • If material is returned after the grace period, charges will apply to all days that the item is late. The grace period is no longer applicable.
  • Need to pay your fines? Visit your local Library branch or pay your fines online.

Lost material: Please pay for replacing that item. You do not have to pay any fines that have accumulated on the item.

  • Did you find that item? If you've already paid for it, bring the item to the library with your receipt, within 6 months. The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury will mail the refund.

Lost Library card? Report it immediately to any library branch.

  • If the card is not reported lost, and someone else checks out items on the card, you will still be responsible for the items checked out.
  • The charge for a replacement card is $.50.


Pin Number Information

  • What is a Pin# and why do I need it? 
    A pin number is a 4 digit number giving access to your library account via the online catalog, our mobile app or through the 800 number (1-800-240-0212). Use this number to access WiFi in the library or use the library's public computers.
  • What if I forget my pin#? Visit or contact your local library branch
  • May I change it online? Yes. Use the online catalogYou do need your old pin# in order to change to a new one.


Ways to obtain or manage account info


Change Address, Phone Number or Email Address

How do I change my address, phone number or email address on my library account? 

Visit or contact your local Library branch or complete this form


My card has expired! Now what?

Library cards do expire every year so that we may have the most current information (ex: phone number and address) on file. 
Please contact or visit your local library branch for assistance. It will only take us a few minutes to update your account.