Frequently Asked Questions

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Barcode placement on library materials

Why does the library put the barcode on the back of paperback books and audiovisual materials (books on cd, CDs, DVDs, etc)?
This is a problem as it covers up the content information on the back.
When the library first moved to a barcode circulation system in the early 1990s a decision had to be made where to put the barcode. There were pros and cons regarding barcode placement on the books and the decision was to put the barcode on the back so as not to cover information on the front (title/author). For efficient circulation all items have barcodes placed in the same location. We apologize for the inconvenience to our patrons and appreciate their understanding and hope in future to migrate to a newer circulation technology that no longer requires a library barcode on materials.



Printed receipt replaces date due sticker

Why did the library replace the date due stickers with a printed receipt? I keep losing the receipt and can’t tell when my books are due.

The library is changing from date due stickers to receipts for several reasons.

  • The receipts provide the patron with a list of what they have checked out and if the patron is paying overdue fines or for lost items, serve as proof of payment received.
  • The date due stickers needed to be removed after each circulation requiring cleaning of the sticky residue off each item. (In 2009 over 1,000,000 items were circulated.)
  • Sometimes the sticker fell off, leaving the patron with no information on when the item was due.
  • Multiple date due stickers on the item caused confusion.

We apologize for the inconvenience for our patrons who preferred date due stickers to receipts. The library has purchased a limited number of magnet clips that can be displayed on a refrigerator to hold the receipts. Please ask for one the next time you check out materials."



Weeding the library collection

Why does the library remove library books and other materials from the library collection?
Annually the library removes library materials that are damaged, are no longer checked out, or contain out-of-date information. This process is necessary to make space on the shelves for adding new materials that library users want. Removed materials are recycled through Better World Books, through local friends of the library book sales, donated to other non-profit agencies or disposed of through Team Green of Southwest Louisiana.



How do I use my device with the Library Resources?

There are so many different devices that can be used with the Library resources. Visit this page for more details.


I replaced my Library card or email address. What resources are affected?

  • Interlibrary Loan (Loanshark)
    Lost card: alert staff when you have replaced your library card; the new card # needs to be updated in this service.
    Email change: you may do so under Account in Loanshark.
  • Digital Library (OverDrive
    Lost card: alert staff when you have replaced your library card. The card # needs to be merged with lost card so that holds/checkouts can be transferred.
    Email change: email is enabled when placing holds. You may change it during the hold process.

  • Digital magazine (Zinio for Libraries
    Lost card: not affected
    Email change: must know previous email used to setup account. Login, access My Account to change email address.
    NOTE: this change affects access to mobile app, so log out of app, and log back in with new email address and password.
    Otherwise, you'll need to setup a new account with new email address; no checkouts will transfer.

  • Digital music (Freegal
    Lost card: If your card number changes, you will be treated as a new patron. 
    It will even appear as if app users have lost all your music as it is tied to your previous barcode. The vendor is unable to transfer any data from old library card number to the new one. Suggestion is to back-up your music so that you may reclaim it from your old barcode. (See Mobile Apps section entitled "How do I backup Freegal Music from my iOS mobile device into iTunes" and "How do I get music off my Android device onto my computer".) You wiill also need to rebuild any created playlists and wish lists.
    Email change: Change notification email under My Account---Notifications

  • Digital music (Hoopla)
    Lost card: update card number (or pin) in Account section
    Email change: need previous email address for login. Click on email address (top right) to change address. 
    Otherwise, you'll need to setup a new account with new email address.

  • eBook (Freading)
    ​Lost card: Once you login with new card number, you are considered a new user. All checked out content is lost.
    Email change: email is not tied to account.

  • eComics (Comics Plus)
    Lost card: once you login with new card #, you are considered a new user. All checked out content is lost.
    Email change: email is not tied to account.

  • Account manager (Library Elf)
    Lost card: add replacement ID, and remove lost ID in account.
    Email change: My Account---Sign-in tab--enter new address---Save. A confirmation email will be sent. Please confirm.

  • Library App (CPPLMobile)
    Lost card: enter new card #; all checkouts/holds will transfer, and virtual card is updated.
    Email change: email is not tied to account


I paid for an item, but I've found it. I need a refund.

Lost material: Please pay for replacing that item. You do not have to pay any fines that have accumulated on the item.

  • Did you find that item? If you've already paid for it, bring the item to the library with your receipt, within 6 months. The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury will mail the refund.
  • Find more details about fines and fees.


I want to donate a book in someone's honor.

Gifts of Library Materials 
Calcasieu Parish Public Library accepts unrestricted, irrevocable gifts of books and other library materials. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they will be considered for addition to the collection in accordance with the Material Selection Plan. The library reserves the right to sell or otherwise dispose of gifts and donated materials through branch book sales, the Friends of the Library book sales, recycling or disposal services.

Calcasieu Parish Public Library will not assign a value to donated gift materials. However, the library will stamp or sign the patron’s list of items for X number of books, boxes of books, books-on-tapes, etc., which can be used for tax purposes.

Memorials/In Honor Of
Patrons may donate funds to purchase library materials in memory of someone or in honor of someone. They may make general purchase suggestions regarding the subject matter. Materials are selected and purchased by the Collection Development Coordinator. A book plate is placed in the material and when it is sent to the library branch the donor and the honoree’s family are notified. Direct donation of actual materials is discouraged as these are often not in compliance with collection selection rules regarding currency, authority, etc.

Monetary Donations 
Gifts of money are always welcome and appreciated. Specific recommendations from the donor are honored as far as the suggestions enhance subject areas of need within the collection and are in accordance with the Collection Development Policy selection guidelines.


I need a card! I need to renew books. What's a PIN#?

Do you have computers I can use? What other services do you provide?

My Library card expired! Now what?

Library cards do expire every year so that we may have the most current information (ex: phone number, address and email address) on file.

NOTE: Expired cards are not able to checkout materials (both physical or electronic) until the account is renewed, and any fines are cleared.

Please contact or visit your local library branchor 
view My Account in the catalog. Please review (and edit) information under the My Info tab before renewing card. ​If your card doesn't renew online (see Privileges expire section under the My Information tab), please contact our library staff for assistance.

NOTE: Blocked or Barred users must visit a local branch to clear up account.
The online renewal option is currently unavailable within the mobile app.


Limit on the number of holds

No, there are no limits on holds.


Maximum fine for items

With regard to overdue fines, laptops, hotspots, and iPads are $10 for each overdue and cap at $70. All other items are $0.25 a day and cap at $5.00. Note that there may be additional fees on items for such matters as repair.