Your Library

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The Library

There is a wonderful place...where one can read
and even learn to plant...and even sow...a seed

Many people can come and enjoy...without scurry
and they can ponder a book...and not even hurry

This place is a great find all that you need
even all of the resources, yes for your feed

A place that is...oh so quiet...and full of atmosphere
and even a squelch someone's...inner fear

A place to find books on war...and yes even the arts
and even repairing things...including automobile parts

The staff is very friendly, kind, and will give you a smile
and they will walk with you...even going the extra mile

What is the intriguing and so extraordinary? 
oh this wonderful known as...The Library

written by CPPL staff member, Dr. Michael Dickson (18 May 2015)