Renew Library Card

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renew card imageLibrary cards expire every year so that we can keep our records current regarding your address, phone number and/or email address. See email address benefits.

To renew your card, visit or contact a library branchor view My Account in the catalog. If renewing via the online catalog, please review (and edit) information under the My Information tab.

  • If your card doesn't renew online (see Privileges expire date in the My Account--My Info section), please contact our library staff for assistance. 
  • Blocked or Barred users must visit a local branch to clear up account to use resources and services.

NOTE: The online renewal option is currently unavailable within the mobile app.


Email address benefits

What are the benefits for giving the library your email address?

  • Receive alerts when your hold is available for pickup.
  • Receive alerts that checked out items will be overdue in 3 days.
  • Receive alerts when items are overdue as well as bill notices.


Visit or contact a library branchedit existing info (address, phone number and/or email address) via My Account--My Information section in the catalog or visit this page for additional information. 


Visit this page for additional information about your library card.