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 Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

NOTE: Listed documents will be retained for the duration of the permitting process. Documents may be purged after the LDEQ issues a permit decision. View more information on the status of the permit application


Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development

  • Everyone in Louisiana relies on transportation. Whether it is to move products to market, to fly into a city to attend a conference, to travel to work, or ride a bike to a park, transportation is involved. In the next 30 years, Louisiana's economic health and quality of life may be at risk because of transportation funding challenges. Costs of providing infrastructure and services are up, but revenue is down. Maintaining what already exists continues to take a larger portion of available funds, leaving limited opportunities for addressing other significant transportation needs. This situation calls for a comprehensive look at how transportation can best address Louisiana's needs in the long-term under the influence of the current economic climate. In short, what type of transportation investments will best serve Louisiana? 

    The 2015 Louisiana Statewide Transportation Plan Update is available for review. Comments can be submitted by clicking here or on the "Comment Form" menu item on the left side of that page. DOTD will accept comments on the Draft Louisiana Statewide Transportation Plan through November 9, 2015.