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On November 6, 2018, voters of Calcasieu Parish will be asked to renew the Calcasieu Parish Public Library's millage.


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  •  What is the wording of the Library Tax Renewal Proposition? 

    • Parishwide Proposition (Library Tax Renewal): Shall the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, governing authority of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, be authorized to renew, levy, and collect a special tax of five and ninety-nine one hundredths (5.99) mills on the dollar of assessed valuation on all property subject to taxation in the Parish of Calcasieu, for a period of ten (10) years from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2029, with collections from the renewed levy estimated to be $12,837,819 for one entire year, for the purpose of maintaining, constructing, equipping, operating, and supporting the Calcasieu Parish Public Library System and its facilities?
  • Who can vote on the proposition?
    • All registered parish voters.
  • When can they vote?
    • The election takes place on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Early Voting Begins October 23 and ends October 30.

  • Is this a renewal?
    •  Yes. It is a continuation of an existing millage for 10 more years. It is 5.99 mills, which is the same rate last approved by voters in 2009. The renewal of the millage comes before the voters every 10 years.
  • How long has the library been funded?
    • 78 years. By the end of 1944, when the parish-wide election was called, the citizens of Calcasieu Parish overwhelmingly approved a .75 mill tax to fund the public library system for the next decade. Residents continued to stand behind and patronize their libraries through the years, voting to increase their level of support to 1.5 mills in 1954, 4.57 mills in 1990, and 5.99 mills in 2000.

  • Are there other taxes to fund the library?
    • No. This is the ONLY tax.
  • What does the tax fund?
    • The money generated by the millage pays for operation and maintenance expenses which include new books and other materials, online resources, public computers, Internet, services and programs, staffing, utilities, and building maintenance and improvement.
  • How important is this tax election to the Library?
    • The dedicated property tax supplies the revenue for everything the Calcasieu Parish Public Library accomplishes. It provides the funding for books and all materials in the collection, all public services, utilities, maintenance of buildings, all operational costs, and the cost of facility improvements. The tax accounts for 96% of the library’s funding. Without passage of the tax, there is not a Library. There is no substitute funding.
  • Why does the Library have a Fund Balance?
    • The fund balance is the Library’s reserve fund for financial emergencies, major replacements and repairs, and capital improvements. It includes a three-month catastrophic & operating reserve fund and monies to cover insurance deductibles. It also includes reserves for a security system upgrade, designated improvements to Central and Sulphur libraries, and expansion at Iowa, Vinton, and DeQuincy. 

  • What happens if the tax fails?
    • The Library is almost totally funded by the revenues from the 10-year dedicated property tax. The tax accounts for 96% of the library’s funding. It provides the funding for salaries, all materials in the collection, utilities, building maintenance, operational costs, and the cost of improved facilities. If the tax fails, the entire Library system would be affected. The library is granted two more attempts to pass the tax. In the meantime, there would be reductions in spending, service levels, and possible branch closures. Operations would be paid out of the Catastrophic & Operating Reserve Fund which covers operating expenses for three months. If the tax fails on the last two attempts, all libraries would have to close.
  • What will it cost me?
  Property Tax
W/ Renewed millage
Rate of 5.99
 Equivalent to:  OR
Home value $ 75,000 $0.00 $0.00  
Home value $100,000 $14.98 per year $1.25 per month One video (Red Box)
Home value $150,000 $44.93 per year $3.74 per month Small coffee (Starbucks)
Home value $200,000 $74.88 per year $6.24 per month Happy Meal (McDonalds)
Home value $250,000  $104.83 per year  $8.74 per month  One movie ticket 


  • Do we really need libraries in the digital age?  
    YES! and here's why:
    • Libraries improve the quality of life and education in our community, providing vital resources to which some might have no other means of access.
    • Not everything can be found online and what is found isn’t always free or reliable.
    • Many citizens in Calcasieu Parish do not have access to computers or the Internet in their homes.
    • Patrons use libraries for more than just technology.
    • Library facilities are often used by the community as a place to gather with friends or attend a public meeting.
    • Libraries provide a place for parents to actively participate in their children’s literacy development. Parents and caregivers participate in early literacy programs and borrow physical books to read aloud to their children.
    • Patrons borrow physical items such as laptops, hotspots, American Girl® dolls, cake pans, large print books, picture books, DVDs, and many other objects that are not available online.
    • The library provides 24/7 access to e-books and other digital content.
    • Library staff train and teach patrons how to find information and use technology.
    • Librarians are specially trained to locate the most accurate and up-to-date information available, whether it’s online or in a book.
    • Libraries have a significant impact on the local economy and workforce development through assorted services, programs, and resources.
    • Good libraries are critically important to attract new businesses as well as qualified employees and their families to our community.
    • Discovery starts at the library!



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