All locations will be closed on Monday, May 27th to observe Memorial Day. 


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The Basics
  • The Library functions under U.S. law as a limited public forum.
  • Please view the policies below for additional information.
Code of Conduct
  • As a public place open to all who would visit and make use of it, it is necessary that it establish rules also known as the Code of Conduct Policy that govern proper and reasonable use and behavior, and to balance the rights of the users against those of the individual user.
  • View the Spanish version of this policy.
Why did the Library buy that? (Collection Policy)
Using the Internet/Electronic Resources
  • The Electronic Use Policy lists the library’s internet usage policy.
  • It lists the acceptable and unacceptable uses of electronic resources.
  • View additional information regarding WiFi in the library.
Meeting Rooms
Privacy Policy
  • The Privacy Policy addresses patrons’ concerns about privacy on the Internet, and information contained in library records, photos, and video footage.
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Library social software is intended to create a welcoming and inviting online space.
  • It provides library users useful and entertaining information.
  • It provides an interactive space for library staff and other library users.
  • Posting guidelines are detailed in the Social Software Policy for CPPL Users.
  • Sex Offenders

    This policy is to comply with Louisiana Revised Statute 14:91.2 (amended by Act 693), which became effective January 1, 2013 and bans sex offenders who have been convicted of sex offenses against persons under 13 from visiting or loitering within 1,000 feet of any public library in Louisiana, including all branches of the Calcasieu Parish Public Library (CPPL).  

    • Sex offenders may ONLY be on library property on Tuesdays and Fridays during the first hour of library operation.
    • Sex offenders are NOT allowed in any children’s area or teen area of any branch of Calcasieu Parish Public Library.
    • Violations of this policy will be reported immediately to law enforcement, and violators will lose all library privileges.

    Adopted November 15, 2012 by the Calcasieu Parish Public Library Board of Control.

    Smoking at the Library
  • Pursuant to CPPL Policy 4.9 Smoking, for the safety, health and comfort of all employees and visitors, smoking, the use of
         vapor products or smokeless tobacco products in or on the grounds of any Library facility will not be permitted.
  • Unattended Child Policy
    Included in the Code of Conduct policy is the Unattended Child Policy.
    Fight Fraud, Waste and Abuse