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Strategic Plan 2019-2023

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In November of 2018, the CPPL Board of Control approved the Library’s vision, mission, core values, and the following six goals for the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.


The Calcasieu Parish Public Library will be our community's first choice for learning, literacy, and enjoying life.


The Calcasieu Parish Public Library welcomes all with convenient access to high quality and innovative collections, resources, and services that enrich lives and create connections in our community.

Core Values 

Core Values are defined as deeply held convictions, priorities, and assumptions that influence personal attitudes and behaviors. The Core Values of the Calcasieu Parish Public Library are principles that guides our organization's internal conduct as well as our relationship with the community of Calcasieu Parish. The values form the foundation of our work performance, and the strategies used to fulfill the mission of the Library. 

We recognize differences and provide impartial and non-judgmental access to all. We are responsive to community needs and we go the extra mile to deliver the best possible service.

We feel like family. The library is a safe and welcoming place that celebrates diversity and opens its doors to everyone. We support, trust, and empower each other and our communities, and we share, create, and preserve their stories.

We practice compassion and tolerance in our actions and attitudes. We listen with an open mind, and treat all patrons and staff fairly and sincerely.

We're open to innovative ideas and bold opportunities. We know what our community needs and we embrace change to meet their needs. As the library continually evolves, we welcome opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Ethics and Integrity
We share a strong sense of personal and moral values. We take responsibility for the stewardship of the materials, spaces, and resources with which we are entrusted. Patrons and staff can count on us to be honest, transparent, and keep our commitments. 

We work together, drawing on one another's strengths and going outside our comfort zones, to achieve common goals. We always make sure to share the load. We cooperate with one another, maintain open lines of communication, and rely on one another to lend a helping hand.  

Customer Service
Organizational Competencies
Internal Communications
External Partnerships
Marketing & Public Relations
Measurement and Evaluation
Operational Efficiencies
Training and Staff Development

Adopted by the Calcasieu Parish Public Library Board of Control - November 15, 2018