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Strategic Plan 2019-2023

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In November of 2018, the CPPL Board of Control approved the Library’s vision, mission, core values, and the following six goals for the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.


The Calcasieu Parish Public Library will be our community's first choice for learning, literacy, and enjoying life.


The Calcasieu Parish Public Library welcomes all with convenient access to high quality and innovative collections, resources, and services that enrich lives and create connections in our community.

Core Values 

Core Values are defined as deeply held convictions, priorities, and assumptions that influence personal attitudes and behaviors. The Core Values of the Calcasieu Parish Public Library are principles that guides our organization's internal conduct as well as our relationship with the community of Calcasieu Parish. The values form the foundation of our work performance, and the strategies used to fulfill the mission of the Library. 

We recognize differences and provide impartial and non-judgmental access to all. We are responsive to community needs and we go the extra mile to deliver the best possible service.

We feel like family. The library is a safe and welcoming place that celebrates diversity and opens its doors to everyone. We support, trust, and empower each other and our communities, and we share, create, and preserve their stories.

We practice compassion and tolerance in our actions and attitudes. We listen with an open mind, and treat all patrons and staff fairly and sincerely.

We're open to innovative ideas and bold opportunities. We know what our community needs and we embrace change to meet their needs. As the library continually evolves, we welcome opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Ethics and Integrity
We share a strong sense of personal and moral values. We take responsibility for the stewardship of the materials, spaces, and resources with which we are entrusted. Patrons and staff can count on us to be honest, transparent, and keep our commitments. 

We work together, drawing on one another's strengths and going outside our comfort zones, to achieve common goals. We always make sure to share the load. We cooperate with one another, maintain open lines of communication, and rely on one another to lend a helping hand.  

The CPPL Board of Control approved the following six goals for the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.

Goal 1: Collections
Expand the collection to meet the wants and needs of our evolving community. 

1.1    Research the viability of and develop a proposal for instituting a Library of Things by January 2021.
1.2    Find convenient ways to provide bundles of materials on topics of interest and make them accessible to patrons by January 2020.
1.3    Develop a collection of foreign language materials by September 2019.
1.4    Increase the library's digital local history and genealogy collection by 20%.
1.5    Review and improve access to online content annually.
1.6    Create collections that enhance patron's browsing experience.
1.7    Evaluate the impact of collection changes on library staff, spaces, and shelving annually.

Customer Service

Goal 2: Customer Service
Broaden service delivery models and increase access to library materials, resources, and services.

2.1    Find innovative, cost-effective ways to offer 24/hour service.
2.2    Delivery library materials to locations placed within the community where patrons may conveniently checkout
         or pick up library materials.
2.3    Explore the feasibility of eliminating fines for overdue materials.
2.4    Develop three new partnerships with government agencies and community groups by January 2022.


Goal 3: Facilities
Update and adapt library spaces to meet growth needs and technology changes.

3.1    Explore refreshment options at all branches and develop a proposal for instituting expanded
         refreshment offerings by January 2020.
3.2    Identify co-location partnerships with government, businesses, and nonprofit organizations for library expansion
         in underserved areas in response to changing community needs. (ongoing)
3.3    Evaluate interior function and aesthetics throughout the system and create a capital improvement plan
         by January 2021.
3.4    Evaluate exterior function and aesthetics throughout the system and create a capital improvement plan
         by January 2021.
3.5    Evaluate safety.


Goal 4: Marketing
Increase awareness of the Library in our community.

4.1    Diversify, expand, and consolidate marketing formats.
4.2    Increase collection content awareness and use by the public as measured by annual usage statistics and
         user surveys.
4.3    Increase library technology awareness and use by the public as measured by annual usage statistics and
         user surveys.
4.4    Increase library program awareness and use by the public as measured by annual usage statistics and
         user surveys.
4.5    Make resources readily available to staff for branding, marketing, and cross-marketing by September 2019.
4.6    Develop marketing campaigns where staff market programs, resources, and services at the point of service
         by September 2019.
4.7    Develop a marketing campaign that highlights the unique features of each branch by January 2020.


Goal 5: Programming
Diversify program platforms, expand audience base, and enhance accessibility of library programs.

5.1    Create a virtual/digital programming presence by January 2020.
5.2    Evaluate teen services and programs and explore options for expansion by October 2019.
5.3    Evaluate and improve patron access to library programs as measured by annual usage statistics and surveys.


Goal 6: Technology
Broaden accessibility, expand reach, and keep current with new and evolving technology trends and needs.

6.1    Develop technology zones for children that include internet connected and electronic learning tools and toys
         and provide caregivers with access to computer devices in the children's area of the library by January 2021.
6.2    Research viability of and develop a proposal to provide more idea/maker/learning spaces and expand
         technology offerings by September 2019.
6.3    Find innovative ways to bring technology outside the branches and into the community (ongoing).
6.4    Review and evaluate library technology annually to ensure it is user-friendly and current.
6.5    Evaluate the impact of library technology on staff, space, and furniture annually.

Organizational Competencies
In addition to the six goals presented above, the CPPL Board of Control defined eight areas of organizational competencies.

Competency 1: Finance
The Calcasieu Parish Public Library will be conscientious stewards of public funds and utilize the available monies to provide needed and wanted library services to residents of the parish.

Initiative 1.1:   Update the library's fiscal policy by June 2019.
Initiative 1.2    Maintain the library's current financial priorities that outline budgeting and operational spending.

Internal Communications

Competency 2: Internal Communications
The Calcasieu Parish Public Library will foster open and timely communication amongst its staff and with the Library Board.

Initiative 2.1:    Develop a plan to improve internal communication and foster open communication among
                      departments by June 2019.
Initiative 2.2:    Maintain regular staff meetings (senior staff, Top Brass, branch managers, CCS, etc.).
Initiative 2.3:    Identity and review library staff workgroups annually.

External Partnerships

Competency 3: External Partnerships
The Calcasieu Parish Public Library will seek partnerships with organizations and institutions in support of the strategic plan.

Initiative 3.1:   Create, review, and update partnership list that includes contact information and partnership
                     description annually.
Initiative 3.2:   Recognize library partners and supporters annually.



Competency 4: Governance
The Board of Trustees of the Calcasieu Parish Public Library will operate in an efficient, effective, and transparent manner.

Initiative 4.1:   The Director will coordinate an orientation workshop for new and existing board members
                     by April 2019.
Initiative 4.2:   The Director will provide an annual update keeping the Board apprised of any changes and
                     new information.
Initiative 4.3:   The Director will develop a schedule for regular review of library policies by December 2019.
Initiative 4.4:   The Board of Trustees will review and update two library policies annually.

Marketing & Public Relations

Competency 5: Marketing & Public Relations
The Calcasieu Parish Public Library will promote library services through a variety of print, electronic, and media opportunities.

Initiative 5.1:   Evaluate the effectiveness of library marketing efforts annually in December.
Initiative 5.2:   Establish a staff workgroup to develop and implement a plan for internal marketing
                     by September 2019.
Initiative 5.3:   Identify staff positions that will provide specific external marketing support for various resources
                     and services through scheduled provision of content and/or through direct participation
                     in the marketing process.
Initiative 4.1:   Organize staff work spaces to develop a more user-friendly marketing space.


Measurement and Evaluation

Competency 6: Measurement and Evaluation
The Calcasieu Parish Public Library will incorporate measurement and evaluation into its operational practices.

Initiative 6.1:   Review goals of the strategic plan and measure progress annually in December.
Initiative 6.2:   Develop and maintain usage statistics on resources and services for budget impact.

Operational Efficiencies

Competency 7: Operational Efficiencies
The Calcasieu Parish Public Library will utilize technologies and processes that improve access to information, enhance customer service, and maximize efficient service delivery.

Initiative 7.1:    Review service hours and make recommendations for change biennially beginning in 2019.
Initiative  7.2:   Review staffing levels and organizational structure considering the following, and
                       make recommendations for change: Rotate and reallocate staff; Cross train; Adapt staffing structure
                      and workflow to include substitutes.
Initiative 7.3:    Report on maintenance of library records in compliance with the library's record retention
                      schedule annually.

Training and Staff Development

Competency 8: Training and Staff Development
The Calcasieu Parish Public Library will provide training and staff development for all staff which will provide and support quality customer service for all library users.

Initiative 8.1:   Develop and implement a training and staff development plan by June 2019.
Initiative 8.2:   Dedicate appropriate time and resources for staff to complete two mandatory learning modules,
                     one for all staff to maintain a baseline level of skills for all CPPL employees, and
                     one specific to their position.
Initiative 8.3:   Develop and implement a support and feedback tool for new hires to follow in the first three months
                     post-hire by December 2019.

Adopted by the Calcasieu Parish Public Library Board of Control - November 15, 2018