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Computers (basics, security tips, etc.)

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Keyboard and Typing
Basic Computer
Computer Classes
  • Take a computer or technology class at the Library. 

  • Adult Education Center: 337-217-4220 (Summer classes only)

  • Care Help of Sulphur: 337-528-2273; class time (Wed. 230-4 or 430-6); notify ahead of time

  • My PC Tech: 337-497-0900 or 337-436-1136; class time 2-4 Saturdays; notify ahead of time


  • Learn the basics of the Internet with Learning Express Library 3.0 (State Library)


  • Learn to Use Internet Explorer includes basic instruction on how to use the Internet, and includes: FireFox Guide, Internet Explorer Guide, Netscape Navigator, Safari for Mac. Also includes information on search engines, virus and spyware, email and vocabulary.

  • Web Searching includes search engines, blogs, news outlets, and more.

Technology Tutorials

Internet surfing cautions

  • Do not post personal information on the internet.

  • Electronic messages and pictures live forever in the virtual world, and can be retrieved by future employers, relatives and anyone else online. Be careful what you post.

  • Secure web sites begin with https

  • If something online sounds too good to be true… Users who are new to the internet need to be alert for scams and tall tales. Internet old timers need to be careful too before forwarding that exciting disturbing email, verify by searching the subject at OR “Truth or Fiction” another site patron's can go to check the legitimacy of information that is forwarded to them. 

Tips (Cyber Security)

Tips for Cyber Security 

  • Limit the amount of personal information you post on social media websites.
  • Only post information on social media websites that you are comfortable with ANYONE seeing. 
  • Be wary of strangers. The internet makes is very easy to misrepresent their identities and motives. You probably didn't win the lottery, and you probably aren't in trouble with the IRS.

IT Security Tips

  • Always keep you operating system and applications up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Check your browser security. 
  • Do not store password (s) unencrypted on any device.
  • Think before you click. Don't get phished!
  • Do not use public wireless networks (airports, library, coffee shops) if you are accessing sites containing your confidential information (SS#, DOB, credit card, account data, etc.)
Setup Email

Often you will need an email account to participate online. There are many free email providers. Below are directions for setting up email with 2 popular providers, YAHOO and Google.

(1). Setup a YAHOO Email account

  • View
  • Click on the 'Sign Up' link that appears somewhere near the top of the Yahoo home page.
  • Enter your name and other requested information in the fields provided.
  • Choose Your Username and Password; (a MUST to remember).
  • Create a username that you will be comfortable using for a long time and will identify you to your email recipients. Remember that you can use numbers and letters and even a single dot.
  • Type the username you choose in the field provided. Check the availability of your username by clicking the box below that reads 'Check Availability of This ID.' You may have to think of an alternative username if your top choice is already taken by another Yahoo user.
  • Choose a password when you have successfully entered a unique username. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long and keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive. You will be asked to type your password twice to ensure accuracy.
  • Enter Security Information and Verify Your Registration
  • Select a question from the following drop-down menu as your security question. Yahoo will ask you this question if you should forget your password in the future, in order to verify that you are the correct user.
  • Type in your answer to the question in the field below.
  • Enter information in the required fields. Usually have an asterisk next to the field. Entering an alternate email address is not required but it's good to give Yahoo personnel a place where you can be reached if for any reason you do not have access to your Yahoo account.
  • Verify your registration by typing the characters you see shown in the last section of the registration page into the field provided.
  • Read the Terms of Service thoroughly and print a copy for your records.
  • Select 'I Agree.' You have successfully set up your Yahoo email account.

(2). Setup a GOOGLE Email account

  • View
  • Click Create Account (bottom right of the page).
  • Now you will be presented with a form to fill out. First you will be asked to enter your first name, last name, desired login, and you will select a password. You will reenter the same password you chose again. Personally, I do not use my whole name, but that is my preference. 
  • There is a box that asks you whether you want the computer to remember your login information. I would un-check this box especially if it is a shared computer. You do not want someone else accessing your personal information. 
  • You can either leave the enable web history box checked or you can un-check it depending upon whether you want to Google to remember the sites you are visiting. 
  • The you will be asked to choose a security question and provide an answer to it. Be sure to choose a question you will definitely remember the answer to. Also provide a secondary backup e-mail address. This is in case you forget your Gmail sign in info. Google will use the secondary address to mail your security information to.
  • Type the security code you see in the provided box then click "I accept". 
  • Google should then send you a welcome e-mail. Just follow the directions in the e-mail.

Is Site Secure?
  • "https" in the prefix of a website address: Normally, when browsing the web, the URLs (web page addresses) begin with the letters "http".  However, over a secure connection the address displayed should begin with "https" - note the "s" at the end.

  • Click on "lock icon" in the stauts bar of your browser.

Computer Class Guides
  • Did you take a computer class at the Library? Didn't have time to take notes, or maybe you want to review what was done during the class?