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What happened to OverDrive Read and Listen

Post Date:03/01/2017 4:09 PM

OverDrive Read news story

OverDrive Read and OverDrive Listen are browser-based formats which are intended to be enjoyed via a device browser.

In OverDrive's continued efforts to simplify the user experience and reduce confusion around formats, they've removed both options from the app to provide the best in-app experience, which is to download titles in EPUB or MP3 formats. Note that downloaded titles can be accessed right from the app Bookshelf, and can be enjoyed online or offline.

For app users who were reading or listening to a title using OverDrive Read or OverDrive Listen, they can switch to their device's web browser and access the title from their Loans page at the LSW digital library website. This will allow users to continue reading or listening from where they left off previously. Once their checkouts expire and they return to the app, they'll be able to borrow and enjoy titles again within the app.

REMINDER: The OverDrive Read and OverDrive Listen options are still available outside the OverDrive app. If a user was previously reading or listening to a title using OverDrive Read or Listen and would like to continue doing so, they can open their device's web browser, go to your library's digital collection, and select the Read in the browser or Listen in browser button on their Loans page (under books icon). Their place in the book, notes, and highlights will be saved.

If your users like OverDrive Read and Listen, they may want to try using the Libby app from OverDrive Labs. This new app uses OverDrive Read and Listen as the default reader and audio player for borrowed titles.

Additional changes made to OverDrive include:

  • OverDrive will keep a user signed in for longer, eliminating the need for users to sign in each time they visit the digital library. A user will be authenticated in the background when they attempt to borrow, place a hold, or recommend a title.
  • The Choose a format drop-down on the Loans page has been changed to Download to more clearly communicate the action a user will take.
  • When an eBook or audiobook is borrowed from the title details page, the button now displays Download and the format name, instead of Add to app, to more clearly communicate the action a user will take.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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