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Large-capacity community rooms and small-capacity conference rooms are available at the Central, DeQuincy, Iowa, Moss Bluff, Sulphur, Vinton, and Westlake branches.

Use Policy

  • Per library policy, non-library-sponsored meetings, events, and programs must be free and open to the public.
  • All meetings and programs are for non-commercial purposes; i.e. staff training, informational presentations on issues of public interest, etc.
  • No sales presentations, point-of purchase sales, etc.
  • No admission charge, collections (except for regular club dues), or other money exchanging activities may be attached to any meeting room use.
  • Library meeting room facilities cannot be booked by private individuals who seek to conduct regularly scheduled transactions at the library in lieu of renting office space.
  • Please see below for additional important library policies for using rooms. 
Who can use rooms?
Clubs, organizations, committees, governing bodies, individuals and businesses may use the meeting rooms for charitable, civic, cultural, informational, educational, recreational and religious purposes (exception: no worship services) in keeping with the mission of the library.

Businesses and groups may use the meeting room for non-commercial purposes: staff training, informational presentations on issues of public interest, etc., but not for sales presentations, point-of-purchase sales, etc.

No admission charge, collections (except for regular club dues), or other money-exchanging activities may be attached to any meeting room use.

Private individuals seeking to conduct regularly scheduled transactions at the library in lieu of renting office space may not reserve meeting rooms.

Private parties or functions, such as wedding or baby showers or family reunions, are not permitted.
Ways to reserve a room
1. Complete this online Reservation Request form.
2. Contact or visit a library branch for assistance.

Instant reservation?
Reservation requests are not final until approved by library personnel.

A valid email address is required for confirmation messages.
Is there a fee?
No. Use of Library meeting rooms is free of charge.
When may I reserve a room?
Reservations may be made up to six months in advance.

To prohibit any one group from dominating the use of the meeting room, generally no more than 36 meetings per year may be scheduled for any one group.

Reservations are made on a first come, first-served basis.

NOTE: Library programs/events have first priority in scheduling use of the meeting facilities.

There is a 24-hour limit on requesting use. Use requests cannot be submitted any closer than 24 hours before a reservation start time.

Please visit or contact the library for availability for less than 24-hour (aka same day) use.

Maximum number of uses
No more than 36 meetings per year may be scheduled for any one group, in order to prohibit any one group from dominating the use of the meeting room.
Entering rooms early

Setup and clean up time should be included in your group’s room reservation.

Please include the entire time you will need access to the room in your reservation.
Is my meeting private?

Non-library sponsored meetings must be open to the public at large and may not be restricted to the membership of the sponsoring organization. This means that any member of the public that sees a meeting taking place may enter and participate in the meeting.

Meetings may be monitored by staff for compliance with rules and regulations.
Promoting your meeting
Publicity is the responsibility of the group or organization holding the meeting.

The library does not endorse or sponsor a group or the organization’s policy or beliefs.

Every reasonable effort should be made that the organization’s publicity does not give the impression that the library is a sponsor or endorses the group or organization's beliefs.

The name and address of the library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization.
Late or a no-show
After 30 minutes, a group may forfeit its reservation if it fails to appear as scheduled.

Groups must notify the library of cancellation 24 hours in advance of meeting date.
Moving furniture
Yes, groups may make physical changes in room set-up. Furniture can be moved within the room but must be returned to original setup when the meeting is done.

NOTE: There may be certain rooms that cannot be rearranged and are available only as is. Refer to the Room Brochures section on this webpage, or check with branch staff for additional assistance.

After each meeting, all furniture must be returned to its original arrangement and the room left in the condition in which it was found.

Failure to do so will result in revocation of room reservation privileges.
Diagrams of the original room configuration are posted in each room.

The Library Board of Control shall be the final authority concerning any groups’ use of the meeting facilities.
Bringing own equipment
Certain equipment is available in the community or conference rooms, but do vary within rooms.
These may include projectors, screens, podium, DVD players, and easels.

If equipment is needed, check with branch staff.

Some branches do checkout cables and devices such as laptops.

Community/Conference Room users must supply their own device which does include a laptop/tablet, VGA/HDMI cable, and any presentation accessories such as a presenter red laser.

For Central Branch users, check with the Help Desk on the first floor to check out cables.

Patrons can also check out a laptop from Central's laptop kiosk to use within the building; this includes use in the DeBakey Room and Thielen Rooms, located on the second floor.)

For MAC or iOS devices, please bring your USB adapter.

Laptops, devices and hotspots may be available for checkout.
Check in & Check Out Procedures
Please check in and check out at the front desk at your local library branch.

Central Branch visitors: Please check in and check out at the Help Desk, located on the first floor.

Staff can verify needed equipment, check out equipment, or assist with any other needs.

Need a copy of the new policy?
You may print your own copy, or pick up a copy at one of our branches.

Please read the information below before requesting the use of rooms.

Types of Facilities
We offer community rooms (capacity from 11 to 100) and conference rooms (capacity from 6 to 10). For these rooms, complete the online Reservation Request form.

Individual and Small Group Study Rooms or Reading Rooms - capacity from 1 to 5. Contact or ask staff at the Central Branch, Moss Bluff Branch, Sulphur Regional Branch, or Vinton Branch for details on using these rooms.

**NOTE: The library reserves the right to move a reservation to a more appropriate sized room.
Branch Contact Info
Central Branch
(337) 721-7116; M-Th: 9A - 8P; F: 9A - 6P; Sa: 9A - 5P; Su: 1P - 5P

DeQuincy Branch
(337) 721-7087 or (337) 786-4213; M-F: 9A - 6P

Iowa Branch
(337) 721-7101; M-F: 9A - 6P

Moss Bluff Branch
(337) 721-7128; M-F: 9A - 6P; Sa: 10a - 2p

Sulphur Regional Branch
(337) 721-7138; M-F: 9A - 6P; Sa: 10A - 2P

Vinton Branch
(337) 721-7095; M-F: 9A - 6P

Westlake Branch
(337) 721-7113; M-F: 9A - 6P

Additional rooms will re-open in the future.
Room Brochures
Central Branch
Room brochure

DeQuincy Branch
Room brochure

Iowa Branch
Room brochure

Moss Bluff Branch
Room brochure

Sulphur Regional Branch
Room brochure

Vinton Branch
Room brochure

Westlake Branch
Room brochure

Do It Yourself

View/Manage Reservations

View ALL past or current reservations.
The list is limited to reservations that included a library card and PIN on the request form. 


  • Study rooms are available at the following branches: Central, DeQuincy, Iowa, Moss Bluff, Sulphur Regional, and Vinton.
  • All branches have at least one study room.
  • Study rooms accommodate two to up to 6 people.
  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Check with library staff for assistance.

update: March 27, 2024