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  Jazmin writes about nonfiction (self-help), graphic novels, YA fiction, and audiobooks.
  Kim writes about nonfiction (true crime, disasters, investigative journalism, pop culture, history), thrillers, YA magical realism, science fiction, dystopias, and graphic novels/manga.

Plus! We have guest bloggers from our branches every month to share their latest reads!  


March 22, 2023

Rick Bragg and his mother have seen and adopted plenty of animals in their time, but none were quite like the speckled stray that wandered into their yard one day. When Speckled Beauty showed up, he seemed spent “the way a beatdown boxer is done....” and likely not to make it past the week. With kindness and delicious southern food given, he slowly seemed to get better. At first, he seemed to be a gentle and sweet dog, but that was before he got his strength back.

Read the full post by Sara

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purr the science of making your cat happy book cover

March 15, 2023

The Marvel Universe might be known for Iron Man, but the greatest hero for middle-grade and young adults is, undoubtedly, Squirrel Girl, aka Doreen Green.

That's right. She's a lean, teen, squirrel-powered machine.

Squirrel Girl's quirky optimism is a throw-back joke to superheroes of the 1950s. Her goals are as simple as her clear-cut worldview: she wants to make new friends at school without revealing her new super-hero identity as the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

Read the full post by Kimberly C.

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March 8, 2023

The future Mrs. Mr. Phil introduced me to The Way of the Househusband while we were sitting down and watching TV one night, telling me I reminded her of the main character. I didn't know what she meant by that. Tatsu, "The Immortal Dragon," is a Yakuza (Japanese Gangster) who gave up his life of crime to be a stay-at-home husband for his wife, Miku. Tatsu, and sometimes his henchman, Masa, apply their tough guy style to regular domestic tasks like baking cookies or grocery shopping.

Read the full post by Phil

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Felix Ever After image

March 1, 2023

Felix Love has never been in love, and don't worry-- he understands the irony of that. See, it's not so easy for a trans kid to be accepted by society much less a potential suitor. And boy, has he tried to pursue others. That was a scarring experience of the girl's not only rejecting his love, but diminishing his identity; so instead he's focused on getting into Brown University.

Read the full post by Jazmin

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